Cocktails in a bottle

Cocktails in bottle with 700cc We have available a full line of delicious cocktails, just to be pour in a glass.

No more complicated recipes of cocktails and hundredths of bottles to make a single cocktail.

It’s time for party and not to lose time. It’s time to be with friends.

Very easily you can start to savor you cocktail:
Open the bottlePour in the glassDecorate the glass (if you want)Sip and enjoy
Easy method for enjoyed a cocktail at home with friends.

For bars, restaurants and pubs that want easily and quickly serve a cocktail to a customer.
Available:Cocktail Mojito
The best interpretation of a classic.
A true classic that cannot lack in your nights. Enjoy the best interpretation of this cocktail, probably the best mojito on this side of the world.

Cocktail Caipirinha
The most suggestive mix.
You can now enjoy the typical Brazilian cocktail with the Caipirinha cocktail.
Move your senses to the beautiful beaches of Rio with this suggestive mix of lime, ‘cachaça’, tequila and vodka.


Italian Beer for Fish

White beer for fish “blanche” This beer it’s white, light and spicy.

Delicious for pairing with a mixed fried fish dish, the sound of the waves, the scent of the sea.

White beer with 4.5% alcohol.

To be enjoyed at 6-8 °C preferably in a Crafty glass.

The wise dosing of wheat, in addition to the classic barley malt, gives it fresh and fruity notes, enhanced by the use of coriander and orange peel.

A classic “blanche”, excellent as an aperitif and as a partner of sushi and dishes based on fish.

Available in bottle with 33cl and 75cl
Also available in Poly Keg with 20 Liters

ABV: 4.5%
I.B.U.: 22 slightly bitter

We export the Italian beer for fish worldwide.

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Italian Beer For Cheese

American Pale Ale Beer It’s a beer with blonde color, light, but rich in taste.

Delicious with a cheese platter in the calm of the mountain.

Light beer of 4.8% alcohol.

To be enjoyed at 6-8 °C preferably in a Crafty glass.

Beer with aromatic profile and bitter, important but well contrasted by the elegance and finesse of the malty sweet, his strong point. It belongs to the family of APA (American Pale Ale), light and thirst-quenching well suited to the pairing with cheeses.

Available in bottle with 33cl and 75cl
Also available in Poly Keg with 20 Liters

ABV: 4.8%
I.B.U.: 32 bitter at the right point

We export the Italian beer for cheese worldwide.

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Beer Kapittel Dubbel

Belgian Beer dark brown The Beer Kapittel Dubbel it’s a dark brown high-fermentation beer, with secondary fermentation in the bottle, is the perfect step up to our stronger abbey beers such as a Kapittel Prior 9°.

Caramel malt and dark fruit on the attack, followed by hints of raisins and herbs.

The finish has a hint of spice, ending on a splash of hoppy bitterness.

Technical information:
ABV: 7.5 vol%
Degrees Plato: 16°
Hops: 2 varieties
Malt: 4 varieties

Fermentation: high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

The proof of this craftsmanship is visible by a fermentation layer at the bottom of the bottle.

By adding sugar, also known as “Belgian candy,” we can increase the activity of the yeast, and the beer gets a second fermentation in the bottle, carbonating the beer in a natural way.
Serving: Slow

We recommend that you enjoy this Beer Kapittel Dubbel at 9°C.

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Beer Kapittel Blond

Belgium Craft Beer The beer Kapittel Blond is a mild blond high-fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

It has a slightly sweet and sour attack, with a mildly fruity palate and hints of citrus and orange.

The light finish, combined with the tingle of the carbonation, combines to create a balanced thirst-quenching and refreshing ale.

Technical information:
ABV: 6.5 vol%
Degrees Plato: 14°
Hops: 3 varieties
Malt: 2 varieties

Fermentation: high fermentation beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle.

Although some may call this beer a “Strong Belgian Blond”, you’ll discover a lightly sour-sweet yeasty fruit on a par with mildly sweet pale malts and a refreshing flow of really fragrant, springy flower blossoms, orangey-citric fruity hops with a mildly mineral, chewy bitterness.

The finishing undertone is a tad zesty or slightly tangy to render a intriguing contrast with the smooth flowery aftertaste, light on the carbonation, just sufficient to render a refreshing pa…


Blonde Belgium Beer Bobeline lager is a refermented bottled 8.5° beer.

Although it packs a punch, it goes down well at pre-dinner drinks and can accompany a simple meal.

However, it remains a degustation beer first and foremost. It forms part of the strong lager category.

It is full-bodied and has a thick head. When you taste it, you notice a fruity, slightly zesty and spicy taste, in addition to barley and yeast, with a tinge of bitterness, but no hint of aggressiveness.
ABOUT THE BREWERY… Didier Dumalin had the idea of creating Bobeline, a beer named after Spa, in 1991. “Although I am originally from Liège”, he says, “I have been coming to Spa on holiday every year in August, since I was a young boy. I have always adored this area, and wanted to do something here. This is why I created a beer, Bobeline, in Spring 1991, which was introduced to mark the Crêtes de Spa event”.

Bobeline started out well, and then clearly “just got by” for around ten years. The beer actually almost disap…

White Wine CATARRATTO IGP Terre Siciliane

Italian white wine Catarratto from the Sicilian region in Italy. This Sicilian white wine has one aroma intense with pleasant hints of fruit.

In the palate it’s dry, distinctive, mellow and very bold with slightly bitter aftertaste.

Enjoy it with appetizers and seafood.

We recommend that you enjoy this white wine Catarratto at one temperature between 10°C - 12°C.

ABV: 12% Vol.

Historic wine of Sicily, where he is cultivated since immemorial times. Said by the vulgar “Catarrattu vrancu”, is described by Cupani (1696) and Sestini (1760).
Widely distributed across the Island, its cultivation is particularly concentrated in the provinces of Trapani and Palermo.
The Catarratto has a strong character and personality, conferred by the synergistic trio, microclimate, soil and plant. And through skillful winemaking techniques, comes with rich floral nuances, along with persistent flavors.
Production Area: The hills of the upper part of Western Sicily.
Winemaking Process: Harvest between late Au…